Why you SHOULD write about yourself and NOT feel bad about it.

Now that I’m immersing myself into full on copywriting, I can get a bunch of things off my chest when it comes to the concept of copy in general.

So often we concentrate on copy as a way to market our skills, to convert prospects into clients and to get people to push the “BUY NOW” button.

…but what if we took one step back?

What if we removed all those buzz words, dreamy ideals and dollar signs for a second and look at what is at the trunk of the tree.

The base and the root of it all is attachment. You have to get your audience to attach to you in some way, shape or form in order to get their attention.

In other words, connection is key.

Here is one example. Last November I went to Tiffany Largie‘s event, “The Stage” in Las Vegas. It was nothing short of inspiring and life-changing. While I was at the event, I put my heart on the table and told my story to as many people as I could. The ones who really heard my story and saw the person I really am, followed up with me days AFTER the event whether it was with an e-mail, a phone call or a Friend Request from various social media platforms. Not to sell me anything, but to simply stay in touch. Now they are my business besties who will refer my services to the people in their network because they TRUST me.

*cough cough* KNOW…LIKE….AND….TRUST. Sound familiar?

Good copy does the EXACT same thing. Only virtually and on paper.

Which brings me to the topic of this article: You need to be able to talk AND write about yourself. Get comfortable with it. OWN it.

Had I not done that in Vegas, I would have missed out reaching out to SO many awesome people. I wouldn’t have the business family I have today whom I’m SO appreciative for.

As business owners, we can only go so far based on our skill and hard work alone without showing our faces. There comes a point when eventually people want to see who is making the beautiful dresses, where are these life-changing lessons coming from, and why won’t they let us in?

No, nobody likes a bragger or sounding sleazy but talking about yourself does not AUTOMATICALLY yield these reactions. If you’re naturally more inclined to be real, then that is the impression people are going to get.

If you ARE the kind of business owner who HATES writing about themselves, here are MY arguments for why you should change your mind when it comes to this idea and how it will impact you, your audience and your business:



  1. “My brand is inspired by someone else who is not me, I don’t need to write about myself on my website.”

If you are going to be a successful business owner you have to stand by your business and your brand no matter who or what inspired it. You’re the one who is doing all the work, the brains behind this whole operation. Without you, there would be no business in the first place.

Bottom line: You need to face the fact that you are the face of your business. Its your self-made throne and only you have the right to claim it. Plus, its MAJOR PROPS when your prospects and clients see how awesome you are. Its a “like-like” relationship. When they have an emotional connection to you, they have an emotional connection to your brand, services and products.



  1. “I don’t like to write about myself because I don’t want to brag or seem sleazy.”

Nobody likes a bragger! However, people want to see how passionate you are about the work you love. To consumers, they feel an extra ounce of joy when they buy a product or service from a proud business owner who they love AND is doing good for the world.

Bottom line: You can totally write about YOU without bragging and people are waiting for you to take that leap!



  1. “I don’t know where to start writing, I still don’t like to write about myself.”

Totally understandable. Before you start typing, call up a good friend to tell them WHY you started your business. This way you are relieving some of the focus on you by shining a spotlight on your passion in the presence of someone you trust. As soon as you hang up, write down EXACTLY what you said to your friend and add it to your website. This is copy gold!

Bottom line: Take baby steps by focusing on your WHY and see what you come up with.



  1. “I’m not interesting.”

Are you kidding me? There are businesses who dedicate pages upon pages on why you should buy shoes. You, unlike an object, has lived a full lifetime of memories and experiences. Of course you’re interesting!

Bottom line: You are interesting. Period. Now get to work!


Need a little extra push? I’m right there with you. Here is where you will get it!

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