Season 2, Episode 7: There Are No Ugly People with Genevieve Espinosa


I love this girl. Absolutely LOVE her.

We started off as acquaintances at a business event and now we talk EVERY SINGLE DAY. Seriously, she is pretty dang awesome.

If there’s ANY takeaway I want you to bring home with you after listening to us talk, I want you to know EXACTLY how strong and tough this girl is.

Join us as we talk about her life as a former Marine, as a military wife, as a single mom of a child with a brain tumor, how she found love again and how she ALWAYS finds a way to look on the bright side.

Have I mentioned how artistically talented this girl is? She MADE the meme above and she said these EXACT words during our interview. Priceless.


Listen to our interview right here:


A little bit more about Genevieve:


If you could have a PhD in life Geneviève Espinosa would have one. She has been a Marine, military wife, successful business owner, cosmetologist, single mother, world traveler, award winning
artist, and caregiver to her special needs daughter. Geneviève received the highest honor a military spouse can achieve, the Dr. Mary Walker Award, for significantly improving the quality of life for over 30,000 military families, soldiers, and civilians during her 22+ years as a volunteer. She firmly believes “When you change the way you see the world, your opportunities are endless.”. It wasn’t easy to find the strength to help her daughter suffer the pain of two separate brain tumors,multiple surgeries, and the long difficult roads to recovery, but through the experience Geneviève mastered her philosophy of how to achieve the life of her dreams. Today Geneviève has a coaching business where she helps others increase their opportunities by overcoming obstacles, mastering positive thinking, and taking charge of their own lives. She now happily lives the lifestyle of her dreams in Arizona, seeking adventure with her husband and their beautiful blended family.


Read more about Genevieve on her website at or e-mail her at

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