Season 2 Episode 5: You are a miracle with Serena Curran

Are you disempowered in your life? Do seek validation from others. Tune in to discover how you are empowered through your Genius Zone. Our guest, Serena Curran, MBA, will provide insight about discovering and using your unique Genius to to be empowered to express your highest potential and to manifest greater abundance with ease


Here is Serena’s bio:


Serena Curran, MBA is and Energy Detective and Manifestation Mentor. She is passionate about guiding businesses and people to express their highest potential… and that translates in manifesting greater abundance with less effort. Serena is an Intuitive Energy Expert with nearly 25 years of international experience. She’s helped hundreds of clients worldwide to effectively manifest a life and a business that is in the flow of abundance. She has the unique ability to see the positive potential in others while lifting them up and inspiring them to be their best. She uses her innate understanding of energy, her intuitive gifts and her energetic sensitivity to assist her clients. Serena also holds an MBA from Babson College as well as a BA and MS in Chemistry. She’s been a serial entrepreneur, had a variety of careers and roles in her life as well as traveled widely, living and working abroad.


To talk directly with Serena about your possibilities, go to and click on the purple button to schedule your Liftoff Call.

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