Facebook Live Interview with Tiffany Largie-Smith: Finding Your Confidence By Owning Your Story

We’re going to change gears here for this episode and talk to my business coach, Tiffany Largie-Smith. She’s bold, she’s tenacious and she’s full of heart.

Her specialty isn’t in body image issues at all BUT her specialty is getting you outside of your comfort zone so you can be confident in your personal and business life.

Confidence, ladies, is something we ALL need more of.

How does Tiffany do this? By teaching people how to tell AND own their story.

“Vulnerability is strength” was my favorite quote from this interview.

Instead of going “Huh?”, just LISTEN to the audio and you’ll get it. I promise.

About Tiffany


14 years ago, Tiffany was a single mom of two girls living in Miami, FL. At the time she was paid $10.22/hour and she was putting herself and her children to bed hungry. She was tired, angry and frustrated. Once she made the decision to stop thinking small, she went on and created multiple 6 and 7 businesses. Now as a business coach she helps entrepreneurs everywhere to own their story and to stop thinking small!



Find Tiffany at http://www.tiffanylargie.com, http://www.quithinkingsmall.com and http://www.onwardstofreedom.com


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