EP002-Lauren Jean’s cyclical journey and her love for podcasts navigated her through her weight loss and self development

For YEARS, I’ve always wanted to start a podcast but was always hesitant to pursue it cause A) The techy stuff seemed complicated and B) I had no idea what I would podcast on.   Earlier this year, I found my answer to B (weight loss advice for moms, by moms) after going through my…

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EP001-How single mama of four, Stephanie Caputo, overcame her body image issues and eating disorder

Stephanie Caputo is a community nutrition educator and a certified Nutrition and Wellness coach specializing in Holistic Nutrition and Fitness & Certified Personal Trainer. A single mom of four girls-ages 14, 11, 9 and , she empowers and encourages women to build up their confidence by taking care of themselves while focusing on nutrition, exercise,…

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EP000: Who Am I?

If you’ve heard me as a guest on podcasts like Michigan Family Wellness, The Liberated Woman, Euphoric Epiphany, The Lauren Jean Show and Gift SmartlyⓇ, then you know about my weight loss story BEFORE I became a mom.   In this episode I tell all about:   How weight loss is different as a mom…

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