My friends describe me as "geeky cool." You know what?

They are COMPLETELY right!

See, "geeking out" is just another way of exclaiming how passionate you are about something. I have dabbled in many things over my lifetime and as a result, I am an all around geek for many many things.  

First and foremost, I am a writing geek. I wrote fictional stories based off my own rendition of "The Phoenix" from the X-men Universe and placed myself in my favorite novel, "The Archangel." Online journaling became my main form of expressing my feelings in my introverted world. Journalism and reporting newsworthy items became routine when I was on my high school newspaper staff. It was no surprise how intuitive copywriting was for me when I became a business owner.



But that's not all.

I'm a science geek too. 

In high school, I fell in love with marine biology. I loved taxonomic classifications, the life histories of various animals and the GIANT WONDER that is the ocean. 

So what did I do? I ended up getting my Bachelors degree in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution and worked in sea turtle genetics for over 10 years.

Yep, I got two sides of the brain working. For the longest time, I thought this was something to be ashamed of.  

When I was at networking meetings, I only told fellow business owners about my love for writing and the credentials that followed with it.

When I worked at my job as a scientist, only my logic and rationale was relevant. 

I felt like I was living a split life. I was in constant fear that one side would ruin the credibility of the other. I did not DARE entertain what the consequences would be should I make one foul move by accidentally merging the two together.

But a wise person and very dear friend sat me down and said,

"Amy, how could you do this to yourself?

Its like trying to forget half of your body." 

She was right. I couldn't keep doing this to myself.

I needed to stop running and start being whole.

Not only has it NOT compromised my credibility, but the people I help get to see me in 360 degrees. 

Now my copywriting clients clearly see my scientific rationale interweave with my creative geekiness.

My science colleagues get to see my creative/artsy side when I express my strong editorial views. 

The people around me don't get to miss out on any of my gifts and I don't get to miss out on "geeking out" EXACTLY the way I want to, with NO apologies for it.

Which is exactly what I want for any business owner I help. 

I want you to be whole. 

To stop hiding and let the world see you as you truly are.

Its easy to fall into the game of perfection

and that strategy can only take you so far.

The game of authenticity, on the other hand,

will take you through this lifetime and the next.

Because that is what people will remember you for.

That is the reason why they will connect, love and follow you.

Are you ready to communicate HOW VALUABLE your services and products are to your prospects? 

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