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Untold Story Enterprises is a personal messaging and training agency with one central mission: To make sure everyone in your organization is heard. 

We believe this is a basic human need that is at the core of every conflict imaginable, creating an environment of stress, drama, decreased productivity and sales, and high employee turnover. In 2008, U.S. employees spent an equivalent of $359 billion in paid hours dealing with or avoiding conflict, averaging about 2.8 hours per week per employee, according to the CPP Global Human Capital Report

On the other hand, when people are given the opportunity to get their point across and their opinions respected, magic happens. Their untapped potential is revealed and a fire is lit in their belly. They come into work, naturally motivated and determined to do everything in their power to succeed at their job and make their peers proud. The workplace culture soon transforms the company into a well-oiled machine where team productivity is on par, operations and sales are up and employee retention is stable. In fact, companies whose leaders are great communicators had 47% higher returns to shareholders over the last five years, when compared to companies with the least effective communicators in leadership

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Effective communication is the key to making this all happen, across all levels, ranks, sectors, and departments. As we are living in the Digital Age right now with employees averaging about 13 hours per week to check and answer emails, mastering written communication is more important than ever to build and maintain great relationships with partners and clients and make way for a strong company culture where conflicts become a thing of the past. 

You are already doing a lot of Good in the world. Now make sure to do well by your employees.

What is effective written communication?

Written communication is simply using the power of the written word (typed or handwritten) when corresponding from one person to another through the form of emails, reports, presentation slides, job listings or even company manuals. 

To be effective, written communication needs to be concise and straight-to-the-point while taking into account the audience, the message, and the intended outcome. 

When done in the right fashion, written communication can serve as a powerful relationship and community builder among peers, supervisors, partners, and clients.

Facilitated Group Trainings
Training should be fun, creative and designed in a way where participants are excited to apply what they learn in their workplace. Our Effective Email Communication Lab is 25% instruction and 75% interactive, teaching participants how to write better emails to build better relationships with their peers, bosses and clients. If you want your employees to really learn, you should send them to our training.    We can come to you or you can come to us. It is your choice.
Company Culture Story Strategy
Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” The story of a company is more than an account of how the founders started it all. It is the heart of the company, the piece that emotionally ties employees and customers to your company’s mission. Eighty percent of business professionals believe companies should be making a positive impact on society. Your story proves that. Your employees and the world are waiting to hear it! They WANT to feel good working for and buying from you.  For this service, we pull out the company story from the company founders/owners and then incorporate the values, mission, vision and future undertakings of the company to create one beautiful and colorful picture to show off.
Corporate Writing Services and Support
There is no use writing a report, manual or company newsletter if it is too boring or dry for anyone to read it. Here is where we come in.   We take your “corporate speak” and “humanize” the language by making it relatable but suitable for the professional environment.
Amy Lanci
Amy Lanci

Founder and Principal Trainer and Consultant

Quirky, creative and scientific thinker and all-in-one-package!

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