What if you could feel comfortable in your skin without beating yourself up emotionally or punishing yourself in the gym?

Imagine a life where you can...

  • Stop criticizing yourself every time you pass by a reflective surface
  • Look at every curve and bulge as part of what makes YOU awesome
  • Feel confident and beautiful, doubt-free!

Guess what? This can all become YOUR reality.

That’s why I created my PERSPECTIVE packages, for the beautiful woman who wants to finally BELIEVE she really is beautiful.  These are private coaching package for women who are ready to live their lives by taking center stage and proving to the world (and their inner critics) just how fabulous they really are.

After these programs, you will...

  • Find better ways of coping with your stress other than chocolate and junk food. 
  • Finally feel comfortable in your skin
  • Stop stewing in resentment and taking it out on the people who matter most

Part of the reason why I struggled with own negative self-talk at my biggest AND my smallest was because I had to DIG DEEP. I had a TON of historical stuff that had to be dealt with UNDER the surface in order for me to feel AWESOME about what was ON the surface. Because the two DID NOT MATCH.

This is YOUR time, Girl!

Start your journey now!

These programs are for women who...

  • Are ready to stop hiding behind their junk food when times get rough

  • Are fed up with feeling sorry for themselves

  • Are done with general blanket advice on the internet when it comes to positive body image and self-love

  • Are ready to get down and find the REAL solution for feeling confident and free in your body ONCE AND FOR ALL.

These programs are not for women who...

  • Are okay with continuing to bottle up their feelings

  • Are convinced that there is no way out and things can’t change.

  • Are complacent with feeling "bleh" about the way they feel about their body

  • Want to continue to waste their money AND time on things like diet fads and gym memberships to avoid the real issues they are running away from

  • Suffer from extreme eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or full-on binge eating. **A high-level therapist is highly recommended**

My programs are all about empowering YOU mentally, emotionally and physically so you can improve the quality of your day-to-day and the long-term. Let me arm you with the right tools so you can throw away quick fixes, constant disappointment and truly discover the “new” you.

My PERSPECTIVE program comes in three different levels to choose from (Mini, Hands-on and VIP). This service is meant to fit your own personal needs and your goals. Here are some of the areas we will work on together...

  • Identify historical and current patterns impacting your confidence and how you view your body.
  • Shift your mindset on food, your self-worth and how others perceive you to build your confidence and release self-doubt.
  • Strategize how to take your stress eating to stress management and be fully capable to pick healthier and more sustainable ways to re-calibrate.
  • Customized focus on connecting the dots between you, your self-worth and your body freedom. 

Your choices...


Investment: $500


  • One 90 minute intensive and strategy session to boost your confidence and stop obsessing over exercise and food

  • One month of unlimited e-mail support

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Investment: $1500 pay in full or $575/month for 3 months


  • 6 biweekly calls over phone or Skype (~60 min each) over a 3 month period.

  • Assessments to fill out prior to our calls to get the MOST out of our conversation

  • Unlimited e-mail support with a 24 hour response turnaround

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Investment: $3000 paid in full or $1100/month for 3 months


  • 6 coaching calls plus 6 strategy calls over phone or Skype (~60 min each)

  • A secret Facebook group between you and I where I can coach you AND your food choices in REAL TIME.

  • Worksheets to fill out prior to our calls to get the MOST out of our conversation

  • Unlimited e-mail support with a 24 hour response turnaround

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I know, its a BIG decision and its hard to go against the “You should happy with what you have” mentality because anything against that grain sounds selfish. Believe me, you are anything but. In fact, you are quite the opposite!   Someone like you who is so full of love, devotion and patience deserves to be treated the same way.

Treat yourself like your treat everyone else in your life and practice some REAL self-love.   You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel validated. You deserve to make the changes you want to achieve. Once you realize this, you’ll find that everything else in your life will follow suit and fall perfectly into place.


Sounds overwhelming? Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. Let me show you how we can fix that TODAY.