The overarching theme and struggle of my life was simply this: I wanted to be seen as 100% me. 

But that couldn't happen because I was hiding behind my work and my accomplishments. Depending on what hat or title I wore in the moment, I only allowed pieces of myself to be seen. For so long, I lived a fragmented life. 

For 18 years, I did everything I was supposed to do. I got straight A's in school to appease my parents' high academic standards. I committed to multiple extracurricular activities so I would have a shiny and colorful college application. I did all I could to make sure my friends and family were happy. Everything was done by the book. 



From the outside, I had it all together. The inside was a different story.

 I struggled with my confidence, judged myself harshly, grew co-dependent on people to need me and no matter what I did, I could never step out of my sister's shadow.

To top it all off, my grandfather succumbed to dementia. By the time he passed away (8 years later), he was a shell of the man he once was and had no recollection as to who I was.

To this day, losing him was the most painful experience of my life. 

Not only did I lose the one person who truly saw me, but I was literally forgotten.

I felt hurt, angry, abandoned, heartbroken and even more invisible. 

As a thinker and a natural introvert, I retreated to the only safe place: My head. The place where I kept my secrets, my dreams, my ideas and my complete story. 

Eventually I started to write things down just so my head wouldn't implode.

That's when my love for the written word really started. 

Writing tapped into my creative side, taking me to far away places where there were no limits. 

Writing made me get logical so I could cut out the BS. When I was on my high school newspaper staff, I made sure that whatever news event or editorial I was writing about had supported facts. While working as a scientist for 10 years after I graduated from college, I published a research paper on sea turtles and reviewed scientific papers by world-class scientists. 

On paper, I got my greatest epiphanies and lessons which were VALUABLE to my own personal development. 

It was my writing that opened the opportunity to go to a college where I could start off new, with a clean slate.

It was from that moment on when I allowed myself to be me, wholeheartedly. This was PIVOTAL in putting the rest of my life in motion. I would go on to gain back my self-confidence, overcome my food and body image issues while FINALLY finding the love of my life, my husband Michael. 

Now I am on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as I can to improve their copy and create true connections between them and the people who need their help.

Truthfully, people want connection not perfection. This is the SECRET behind web conversions and creating a following.

We all want to connect with each other because we don't want to be alone.

We naturally look up to other people to teach us what we need to know.

Let me help you so 100% of your voice is heard in the written word so you can do just that. 

Because you are more than just an expert.

You are a parent, a spouse, a friend, a relative, a guru and so much more. 

You are a whole person with feelings and struggles and triumphs.

This is what your audience wants to hear.  

This is what will make you stand out from the crowd. 

This is the key to your success.

Are you ready to create better copy by being 100% you and reaching out for the connection your audience is craving for?

What are you waiting for? Hop on a call with me here for a FREE 20 min COPY TUNE UP REVIEW.