Ladies, are you ready to get back in touch with yourselves and practice some TRUE self-love?

You're right where you need to be. 

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Many of us believe that when we get fitter, trimmer, and thinner magic will happen.  Your confidence will be through the roof, all of your issues will go away and life will be hunky dory.  

So you try all of these diets. They don't work. You spend 5-7 days in the gym because you'll beat yourself up if you miss a day.  You're constantly worried about upcoming parties and holidays, fearful that just being in the same room as a cupcake will add another 5 pounds to your waist. Eventually you see results but anytime you pass by a mirror, all you can do is fixate on the parts of YOU that "aren't quite there yet." No matter what, you just can't be happy with how you look.  

Here is where I come in. 

Girl, I have been there and back. Whether I was over 200 lbs, a size 4, athletic or out-of-shape I just couldn't be COMPLETELY comfortable in my skin. No matter how little I ate or how much I exercised, all I could think about were all the parts of me that weren't good enough.

Then I got pregnant with my daughter and for the FIRST TIME in my life, the demons and the negative self-talk disappeared. I loved my body and the baby growing inside. For once, my body was serving a POSITIVE purpose and it AMAZINGLY knew what to do.  

It was at this moment that I realized that there wasn't anything wrong with my body at all. It was all on IN MY HEAD. 

How you view yourself on the outside is exactly how you're viewing yourself on the inside. By improving what's on the inside will finally give you peace and freedom with what you see on the outside. 

No more fearing food. No more diet fads. No more punishing yourself in the gym. Its time to get down to the REAL STUFF. 

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